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ONE STEP CLOSER: Cocktails to Go, Social Drinking Zones & More

Mason Doerr  | Published on 6/10/2020
Members and industry partners, 

The Michigan Senate today passed Senate Bill 942 (S-2), which was sponsored by Aric Nesbitt. The bill contains a number of items that would greatly impact on-premises licensees now and moving forward. The MLBA has been working with the Governor’s Office, Senator Nesbitt and many other legislators on this bill since its inception.


Voting details:

“We are continuously having conversations with the Governor’s Office and legislature to get the bill to the governor’s desk to help us continue surviving upon our full reopening,” Ellis said. “Now that the bill has made it through the Senate, we will be working to get it through the House. We hope to have more information for you on this later in the week.” 


The bill would amend the Michigan Liquor Control Code to do the following:

— Modify a provision allowing a specially designated distributor to sell to an on-premises retail licensee up to nine liter for spirits during any one month, to refer to an “on-premises retail licensee” instead of a “specially designated distributor” and to increase the current limit of spirits an on-premises retail licensee may sell to an on-premises licensee, from nine liters during any one month to 225 liters during any 12-month period.

— Provide on-premises licensees a 30% discount from uniform prices on alcoholic liquor purchased from the State, beginning on the bill’s effective date through December 31, 2021.

— Allow on-premises licensees to fill and sell qualified containers with beer, wine, mixed spirit drink, a mixed drink, or spirits for consumption off the premises under certain conditions.

— Allow an on-premises licensee to deliver beer, wine, mixed spirit drink, a mixed drink, or spirits to a consumer in Michigan if the licensee met certain requirements.

— Allow an on-premises licensee that had written approval from the Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC) to have outdoor service in an outdoor service area to add seating or a bar to that area without the approval of the MLCC or the governing body of the local unit of government in which the licensed premises was located until December 31, 2021.

— Allow the governing body of a local unit of government to designate a social district that contained a commons area that could be used by on-premises licensees that obtained a social district permit.

— Prescribe rules and regulations pertaining to the use and designation of a social district and its common area.

— Require the MLCC to develop an application for a social district permit and charge a fee of $250 for the permit, and require the fee to be deposited into the Liquor Control Enforcement and License Investigation Revolving Fund.

— Require the MLCC to refund or replace spirits for a on-premises licensee.

— Prohibit an on-premises licensee from selling, offering to sell, or advertising the sale of three, instead of two, or more identical drinks containing alcoholic liquor to an individual for the individual’s consumption for one price.