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MLBA Working with MLCC to Expand Outdoor Service Areas

Mason Doerr  | Published on 5/13/2020

The MLBA is working with MLCC to expand the use of outdoor service areas. With the current lockdown and uncertainty of a full re-opening timeline from the governor, we are pushing for the full re-opening of outdoor service areas and the ability to expand outdoor service areas without red tape. We are hoping to have more information for all of you by the end of this week, so stay tuned.

Currently, MLCC has a long process to obtain an outdoor service permit. We are working to streamline the entire process. MLCC does not require local approval for an outdoor service permit, however, your local governmental unit may require it. If so, We recommend that you contact them now and start working on potential changes to expedite the process.

Although we are pushing for no occupancy restrictions when the shutdown ends, re-opening outdoor service areas and allowing establishments to expand their current areas will help many businesses throughout the state survive. Owners can utilize outdoor areas to help make up for the loss of business inside. Outdoor areas are also much safer in terms of limiting the spread of the virus. Being in open air areas, while also practicing safe social distancing is a great way to reassure customers that they will be safe returning to your business.

Thank you.

- MLBA Staff -