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Michigan Licensed Beverage Association

Serving Liquor Licensees Since 1939

Attend our Spring Conference & Lobby Day!

May 1-3: Spring Conference and Lobby Day – Lansing, MI

Mon., May 1: Executive Board Meeting – MLBA, Lansing, MI

Tues., May 2: Lobby Day – Lansing, MI

Tues., May 2: Legislative Dinner – Radisson, Lansing, MI

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Expert's Opinion: Trudeau Tips: ACA & Insurance

by Mike Trudeau, Trudeau and Associatiates, LLC.

The endorsed Health, Life and Disability provider for the MLBA, Trudeau & Associates, LLC offers these important tips and guidelines.

As a member of the MLBA, you are encouraged to take advantage of all the member benefits available. When it comes to health insurance and health care reform, Trudeau & Associates, LLC offers you a line-up of services designed to help your business including expertise to make sure you and all your employees are educated on everything included in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) such as plan design and pricing to fit your company or your employees budget the best, what doctors are included in each providers network and how to get enrolled in coverage. Ensuring compliance with laws like ACA employer mandates or ERISA, just to name a few, can help your business including how to avoid penalties or fines. There is so much complexity and confusion surrounding business mandates and individual mandates we want to be sure you and your employees are compliant with the law and avoid paying unnecessary penalties.


Expert's Opinion:

The hospitality industry is one of the most vulnerable industries when it comes to theft — especially internal theft. Keeping your establishment(s) and your money safe is vital.

“Unfortunately, in this industry, there is a lot of internal theft whether it’s in the kitchen, people overserving or stealing drinks,” said Chris Mellon, President/Owner of Great Lakes Security (GLS). “Bars also tend to be a cash business so cameras are important.”


MLBA Fall Retreat

This last month we hosted our annual Fall Retreat. This year the meetings took place on Mackinac Island at the Grand Hotel.

The Grand Hotel is exceptionally beautiful and they were very gracious and showed us fantastic hospitality. The presidential suite was absolutely stunning. Thanks again to the folks over at the Grand for being a great venue.

During the meetings, we also held our elections. I, along with the officers, were all re-elected. No changes were made, aside from Marcia Wagner retiring. Thank you very much for your service and dedication to the MLBA over the years.

I would like to thank our members for their trust in our MLBA elected officials. We are working hard to continue to do great things for the industry and we will continue to fight for you and your business.


Expert's Opinion: The Explosion of Brewpubs and Microbreweries

by Scott A. Breen

It has been amazing to see how many new craft beers have made it to market in the past couple of decades.

This shows the passion that people have for creating new beer flavors and styles and the demand for these products.

Along with this growth has been the explosion of new brewpubs and micro breweries.

Brewpubs and micro breweries both brew their own beer and can sell it within their restaurants as well as to customers for off-premises consumption.

2016 Spring Conference & Legislative Day

Our members have had a great time meeting with and sharing lunch with their legislators. Our members set up 110 personal meetings with 39 different legislators.

Meeting with legislators is important. The hospitality industry has been a target for legislators in the past because licensed beverage businesses are easy to criticize.